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Rock Climbing Destinations in San Diego County, California

Rock climbing is one of outdoor activities that locals and tourists love to do in San Diego, CA. There are many destinations for this activity and whether you go there for top roping or traditional climbing, you can do so at its different structures. These are the best areas for rock climbing in San Diego County as below.

Army Rock is one of the places recommended for climbing especially during the spring. It is composed of boulders of different heights and difficulty levels. You have the opportunity to try out the routes at a favorable day which are suited to your ability and skills when it comes to this sport.

The Culp Valley is a place where you can camp for the night but ground fires are not allowed. You can just bring your cheetah stun gun if you want to feel safe. There are many sections for climbing. Although they may differ on the levels of difficulty, they all provide a fun and great experience.

Carlsbad Boulders, just at the corner of the road in Palomar Airport, is also a suitable place for your climbing experience. You need to check out and follow the signs so that you will not be able to violate their rules and at the same time for your safety in your whole adventure.

Beirut is another climbing route in the county wherein you need to take a short and easy hike first before you will be able to access to the areas. You have to remember that you must not drive your car to the foot of the hill because it is not permitted.

Moreover, Dixon Lake is not only great for camping but it also has easy and not so complicated climbing areas which are most especially suited for top roping. You just need to bring all the gear needed or rent the suited equipment for the climb and you will have a great time.

Whether you are just a novice or an expert when it comes to this recreational activity, you can try out the routes at Mission Gorge. It is a best place for a trip especially during the summer. You must take note of the time when they will close the gates because if you wish to stay and camp you are not allowed anymore to get out and no one is allowed to enter as well.

Lastly, you must not fail to try out the climbing area at Mt. Woodson which is considered as one of the premier sites for this sport in the whole county. It is open all throughout the year. You must learn about the different routes or have someone to guide you through the area.

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